404 Simulator: VR Lathe

  • An innovative project honored with an Ingenia award.
  • Production Scheduling in Mechanical Manufacturing, the future of mechanization.
  • The students of the Higher Degree in Production Programming of the San Valero Center, revolutionizing Industry 4.0.

In February 2023, METOSA Group established a collaboration agreement with the San Valero Center in Zaragoza. Thanks to this agreement, the students of the Higher Degree in Production Programming in Mechanical Manufacturing have had the opportunity to access the technical documentation of the Pinacho ML-200 lathe.

Using this information, the students developed a 3D model of the lathe and performed virtual reality simulations to learn and practice in machine maintenance.

After months of dedication and effort, they have finally completed their project and as a result of this innovative initiative, they have been awarded second place in the prestigious Ingenia Awards of Centro San Valero, which recognize the effort made by students throughout the course, in the development of academic projects related to the different training levels and specialties taught at Centro San Valero.

The Simulator 404: VR Lathe initiative, which has left a significant mark on technical education, started with two brilliant students, who also completed their training in the Higher Degree in 3D Animation, together with the teaching team of Centro San Valero, which has demonstrated a strong commitment to the application of Virtual Reality in industrial processes, promoting an innovative and outstanding project in the sector.

Development team: Simulator 404: Lathe VR

The Simulator

The talented students of the Advanced Degree in Production Programming in Mechanical Manufacturing have carried out an ambitious and pioneering project in the educational field. Their goal was to create an unprecedented educational tool by virtualizing an interactive environment where users can explore and manipulate the tailstock of the conventional Pinacho ML-200 lathe. Using high-quality 3D simulation, they have created an immersive experience that significantly enhances learning and understanding of each component.

Virtualization of Tailstock:

Virtual reality becomes the key to this innovative educational tool. Users can immerse themselves in an interactive environment where they can observe the tailstock with a level of detail and precision never seen before. Through gestures and movements, students can virtually manipulate each part of the tailstock and better understand how it works.

Tailstock Assembly and Disassembly:

One of the most valuable features of the simulator is its ability to perform virtual tailstock assembly and disassembly. This aspect gives students the opportunity to practice and improve their skills without the risk of damaging a real machine. In addition, being able to repeat the process as many times as necessary ensures effective hands-on learning.

Exhibition of the Piecework and Exploded Drawings:

The students have taken the simulator to another level by providing a detailed display of the tailstock parts. In addition, they have incorporated the ability to view exploded views of the lathe through the use of virtual reality goggles. This allows students to understand the internal structure of the tailstock and its interaction with other parts of the lathe in a clear and visual way.

Teacher using Simulator 404: VR Lathe

Educational and Future Implications

The 404 Simulator: VR Lathe represents an invaluable tool for technical training. This innovative project highlights the dedication and talent of the students and teachers involved, demonstrating METOSA Group’s commitment to improving education in the industrial field.

Thanks to this cutting-edge solution, students can access a practical and safe learning experience, while teachers have a powerful tool to enrich their teaching methods. The “404 Simulator: VR Lathe” not only enhances students’ training, but also opens the door to future applications of virtual reality in the field of industry.

The “404 Simulator: VR Lathe” project is an inspiring example of how passion, hard work and innovation can transform technical education. The recognition obtained at the Ingenia Awards is proof of the value and relevance of this project, which promises to have a positive impact on the training of future professionals in the field of production scheduling in mechanical manufacturing.

METOSA Group’s involvement in this initiative demonstrates its commitment to advancement and excellence in technical training and industry.

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