We have an Official Technical Service with high qualification that will answer all your questions quickly, avoiding long waits that could worsen the problem to consult.

In Pinacho, we are manufacturers of CNC lathes with a long history of more than 75 years in the industry, which supports us as a leading manufacturer worldwide.

With more than 200,000 units of lathes sold, we know the specifications of the models of our machines, so we assure our customers an effective technical service capable of solving any query.

The Technical Service you need

We have an after-sales department made up of a team of specialists trained in the CNC lathes sector. They have a wide experience in the specifications of our products, so they will detect any type of incidence quickly.

Our Official Technical Service department is interconnected with the rest of the departments, from the Design and Production department to the professionals in charge of stock control. Thanks to the constant communication with the after-sales service department, we offer our customers a fast, direct and very efficient response to solve problems with the greatest effectiveness.

If you have detected any kind of mishap in our CNC lathes, do not hesitate to contact our Official Technical Service. You will get your answer as soon as possible so as not to stop the rhythm of work of your company and not to affect the results of the same.