Pinacho SE 325 x 2000


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1127,54 €/mes · 61 meses

Serial Number: 230166
  • CNC: Fagor 8055i
  • Main spindle hole: 80 mm
  • Main spindle nose: ASA 8
  • 8-position automatic turret with 4 tool holders
Location: Spain (METOSA)

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High-precision flat bed CNC.

The SE series combines the working capacity of the conventional lathe with the advantages of the CNC lathe. The SEs are easy-to-handle machines, ideal for short runs, prototyping, or educational centers, thanks to Siemens or Fagor controls that allow programming in both ISO and conversational language.

The CNC lathes of the SE Series are precise and robust, also characterized by their high chip removal capacity thanks to the head with an electronic speed variator and the high torque provided by the three-speed gearbox.