The advent of numerical control lathes has completely revolutionized the machine tool industry. CNC lathes make it possible to achieve exceptional precision, both in the production of serial parts and in the machining of complex pieces, in a fully automatic manner.

CNC lathe settings are supported by a software that executes the orders previously implemented by a programmer, what makes it possible to automate processes and avoid operator inaccuracy.

By adjusting the cutting speed, rotational speed, penetration speed and depth of the pass, the CNC lathe operation can be adapted to each specific job.

At Pinacho, we are the world’s leading reference in the manufacture of CNC lathes.

Our CNC Lathe models

The new SL series of slant bed lathes is designed to produce serial parts. It offers tailor-made solutions to suit any type of work.

It is our most exclusive series of CNC turning machines. Lathes with up to 4 axes that integrate the highest quality components and technology to guarantee excellence in the most complex production processes.

Incorporating up to 3 axes that provide great versatility, the ST CNC lathes are recommended for large work volumes, achieving high precision in finishing.

The SE CNC Lathes combines the working capacity of the conventional lathe with the advantages of the CNC turning machine. It is ideal for the realization of short series.

Main advantages of CNC lathes

One of the main reasons why companies choose a CNC lathe is the return on investment that this type of machinery brings to industrial sectors. Lower energy costs or greater protection for the user are just some of the advantages that the arrival of CNC (Computerized Numerical Control) has brought to the machine tool sector.

What are the advantages of working with a CNC lathe?

A CNC lathe can perform different types of machining on the same piece, thanks to automatic tool change and process programming.
The adjustment of the cutting speed and the adaptation to the material improve machining times. In an industry that operates in a global market, time is a key factor to gain competitiveness.
The computerization of the processes reduces possible human errors and grants control over the position of all the elements involved in the turning process, allowing a better finishing of the parts.
Thanks to computer programming of the cycles that govern the process from start to finish, CNC lathe-machines offer the possibility of producing complex parts with high precision and repeating them with absolute accuracy.
CNC lathes allow the operator to modify the parameters, even when the part production process has already started.

Pinacho: International benchmark manufacturer of CNC lathes

After more than 75 years in the business, Pinacho has become an international benchmark manufacturer of lathes.

Mastery is only achieved with decades of study, work and improvement of the entire value chain what makes a lathe adapt with total precision to the needs of its customers and the industrial sector in which it operates.

Our facilities have more than 30,000 m2 to absorb the intensive international demand for our machines.

Our professional team is specialized in the manufacture and maintenance of CNC lathes to offer a service of excellence to the most demanding sectors of the global market.

All the departments involved in the production of a CNC lathe are perfectly synchronized to be able to accompany the customer throughout the entire CNC lathe acquisition process: design, production, verification, final quality, support service and spare parts delivery.

Many companies need a CNC lathe with immediate delivery. In Pinacho we have a wide catalog of CNC lathes available for direct shipment to your facilities. You can check all the CNC lathes we currently have in stock.

Our CNC lathes experts can advise you with your purchase adapting the needs of your type of business, size of the company and facilities.

In Pinacho we have extensive experience in selling CNC lathes to companies in multiple sectors, if you need further information about our numerical control machinery in stock you can contact us without obligation.

If you are looking for a cost reduction in investment in machinery, check out the occasion CNC lathes that we put at your disposal in our online catalog.  Occasion CNC lathes, second hand and showroom stock.

This purchase option has all the guarantees of supervision and tune-up by our expert technicians in CNC lathes. We can advise you with the purchase following the individual requests and needs of your business. Take advantage of the economic prices of our catalog and ask us about availability of models.

Do you want to be part of our SAT?

Since our beginnings in 1947, we have worked to provide the best lathe for each of our customers’ needs, with over 200,000 lathes worldwide. These lathes require maintenance and repairs that can only be performed by Pinacho certified professionals.

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