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CNC lathes or numerical control lathes are machine tools used for machining and conforming parts of revolution by executing a previously set up ISO code program. Since the appearance of CNC lathes, the precision and repeatability, as well as the complexity of the work performed on the lathe, have increased substantially. Metosa Group, with its Pinacho brand, was a pioneer in the development of the first CNC lathe in 1983, since then, the Pinacho range has only grown in possibilities, thanks to innovation to provide solutions to the challenges of the metalworking industry


In Metosa Group, we have been manufacturing the most versatile lathes for more than 75 years for all types of industries capable of mass-producing complex parts and various materials. With this type of machine tool, it is possible to drill, turn, mill, cut and many other machining operations.



What is a CNC lathe?


In essence, the CNC lathe is a machine tool that facilitates the transformation of raw material into a product using one or more cutting tool(s). CNC lathe settings are guided by a software that executes the orders previously implemented in a program, which allows automating the processes and avoiding operators’ inaccuracy.

By adjusting the cutting speed, spindle speed, feed rate and depth of cut, the CNC lathe operation can be adapted to each specific job, in order to achieve the desired precision tolerance and finish on the workpiece.  

  • CNC lathes are machine tools where the material or workpiece is fixed by a clamping system (usually a jaws chuck), rotating solidly with the main spindle, while the cutting tool moves relative to the workpiece to shape it. 
  • Depending on the size and morphology of the part to be machined, the properties of the material and the operations to be performed, the CNC lathe must be equipped with a series of accessories such as different clamping systems, tool turrets, steady rests, etc. 
  • Metosa Group manufactures CNC lathes with up to 4 axes for the production of the most complex parts, allowing its customers to finish the work on the lathe without the need to switch to a second machine, providing the highest value for money and improving the productivity of the industry.


Detail of CNC lathe at work


Why choose a Pinacho lathe?


Metosa Group with its brands Pinacho and JAP accumulates a great experience in the industry, becoming one of the leading manufacturers worldwide with more than 200,000 lathes sold up to date.


The Pinacho brand, a leader in the market due to the satisfaction of its customers, offers tailor-made solutions for CNC and conventional lathes, whatever the use of the lathe is going to be. That is to say, our customers can choose between 5 series, according to the machining they need to perform; select a size, according to the size of the parts they want to manufacture; and add the extra complements that most suit them to complete the precision and sophistication or complexity of the work to be completed.


To facilitate the decision for the most suitable machine tool solution for its customers’ projects, Pinacho has developed a configurator that calculates the price of the lathe in real time while the user chooses among the multiple options.


WEB Configurator


CNC lathes for immediate delivery


In Metosa Group, we are aware that the high competitiveness in the different market sectors, where the need to machine parts to achieve the productivity objectives of our customers is essential, requires shortening delivery times of the lathes. In order to meet this challenging demand, we have a large number of newly manufactured lathes in real stock, with a standard configuration, but with a wide range of features, as well as second-hand used lathes, reconditioned and in perfect conditions of use, to guarantee immediate delivery anywhere in the world.


Thanks to our factory in Castejón del Puente, Spain, where the manufacturing, assembly and verification of all our lathes is carried out; the new plant inaugurated in Coimbatore, India, in 2004 and its later enlargement in 2018; we add more than 32,000 m2 including factory and showroom, which has meant a significant increase in productivity. As a result, we are able to manufacture a greater number of CNC and conventional lathes and therefore meet the existing demand better and faster. The result is a robust, powerful and reliable product that has positioned us as a leading manufacturer of CNC and conventional lathes.


Pinacho ST 225×1000 in stock


In addition, as an added value to the quality of our lathes in stock, we offer the possibility of financing the purchase according to the needs of our customers, ensuring immediate delivery, without the need to provide a down payment to formalize the purchase.

Pinacho, in addition to a wide catalog of lathes in stock and occasion lathes, offers original spare parts of all its models, Official Technical Service, maintenance service and training for the operators who have to handle the machine tool in their workplace.

Our sales department is ready to solve any kind of doubt or query you may have; you can contact them whenever necessary, and they will offer you guidance on the product that best suits your needs.

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