Advantages of using a three-axis lathe

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METOSA GROUP produces and commercializes five models of Pinacho lathes: ML, conventional lathe; SE, two-axis CNC lathe with flat bed; ST, CNC lathe with up to three axes; SH, high capacity CNC lathe with up to 4 axes and the SL, CNC lathe with slant bed.

In the machining operation, an axis represents the ability of a machine to move either the tool or the workpiece in a specific direction and trajectory.

A manual parallel lathe, such as the Pinacho ML, is a machine that works in the plane, because it has only two working axes: X and Z. The longitudinal slide moves the tools along the workpiece along the Z axis and the cross slide moves perpendicular to the symmetry axis of the workpiece, that is, along the X axis.

Pinacho CNC lathes use the same concept of axes as conventional lathes to designate the directions followed by the movements of the different parts working on the machine.

METOSA GROUP, with its Pinacho brand, manufactures lathes with up to 4 axes: X, Z, Y and C. The main axes are Z, X and Y, which represent the longitudinal, transverse and height displacements. The C axis will perform an orientation by rotation of the part.

These CNC lathes can perform machining in which the tools, which are controlled by a computer, the Computerized Numerical Control, move using these axes. The movements performed by the tools on these machines are very precise and high speed.



Pinacho ST Lathe

The Pinacho ST lathe model is a highly reliable numerical control lathe that offers extreme work capacity and high precision in finishing. Developed with components of the highest quality and manufactured under strict and demanding control standards. ST parallel lathes incorporate the most advanced technology, the result of the expertise accumulated for more than 75 years manufacturing lathes.

Pinacho ST flat bed CNC lathes are quiet and easy to use machines, with a headstock composed of servomotor and direct transmission to the main spindle, providing high turning speed and excellent quality in surface finishes.

These lathes with up to 3 axes, as they can be configured with C-axis, and therefore represent an extraordinary versatility in the machine tool world. They are ideal for machining complex geometry parts, providing they are configured adequately.

Pinacho ST 3-axis lathe

On a lathe equipped with a C-axis, the spindle, as well as turning the workpiece at a certain revolutions, also works by positioning the workpiece at a certain angle.

This machine tool allows advanced and complex turning operations to be performed thanks to the use of rotating tools installed in the turret tool holder, which is equipped with its own engine and provides a controlled rotary movement to the tools.

This lathe model, Pinacho ST, equipped with C-axis and live turret, becomes an extremely versatile machine that is very useful in the machining of parts with complex shapes, with a significant reduction of processing steps and the consequent reduction of production times, a great advantage for metalworking companies.




Why use a CNC lathe with CAD/CAM Software?

Today there are multiple custom software developments for CNC lathes, an increasingly common practice to optimize the functionalities of these machines equipped with C-axes and driven tools. These software systems CAD/CAM (Computer Aided Design/Computer Aided Manufacturing) play a key role in computer aided manufacturing.


The CAD part of the software deals with computer-aided design, allowing users to create three-dimensional models of the parts they wish to manufacture. On the other hand, the CAM part of the software deals with computer-aided manufacturing, generating the movements and operations necessary to carry out the machining of the parts.


In the case of Pinacho lathes, it is possible to use solutions such as GibbsCAM, which allow the integration of numerical controls with the design process. This means that a quick study of the manufacturing possibilities can be performed directly from the design software, as well as a full scheduling of the operations on the machine tool.

Although the software handles most of the work, human supervision is still necessary. A trained operator will monitor the flow of movements and operations to ensure that the program takes into account all the necessary parameters. This review is done by viewing a simulation of the operations, which allows the supervisor to anticipate problems that the software may miss.


This incorporation of automated movement programming into the manufacturing process results in a dramatic reduction in set-up and engineering time. In addition, these software systems make it possible to achieve a better surface finish on parts, thanks to the tangential movements made by the tool during machining.

An additional relevant advantage of using custom software for CNC lathes is the ability to create more complex parts. This includes manufacturing parts with holes or non-linear machining, which can be difficult to achieve without the support of specialized software. The accuracy and flexibility provided by these systems allow manufacturers to approach more challenging projects and produce parts with a higher degree of complexity.

METOSA GROUP Applications Engineering Department

At METOSA GROUP, we have a qualified Applications Engineering Department with more than 75 years of experience at the client’s service.

METOSA GROUP’s technical team has a deep knowledge of computer-aided manufacturing technologies, as well as a solid understanding of the requirements and challenges inherent in CNC lathe machining. Using the latest tools and programming techniques, this talented team creates customized solutions that enable customers to maximize efficiency, productivity and quality in their manufacturing processes.

Whether customers need CAD/CAM applications, software integration with existing systems or specialized tools for machining complex parts, METOSA GROUP is ready to provide tailored technological solutions.

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