In Pinacho we have a team of professionals with a high technical specialization. Our goal is to get the best performance from the lathes that our customers acquire, so that the profitability is maximized.

Our CNC lathes are designed using the latest technology, with the aim of offering machines with optimum performance throughout its production cycle. We quickly attend to your needs and any incident that you may detect and we offer advice on preventive maintenance of CNC and conventional lathes.

In Pinacho we are the manufacturers of our lathes, so our maintenance service is exceptionally trained in the products we offer. They know perfectly the production process of our machines, as well as all the points that must be checked from time to time.

We have an exhaustive control program to extend the useful life of our products, which guarantees that the inspection we carry out on them is detailed and constant. To do this, we locate the critical points of the lathe and work on the prevention of breakdowns, in order to avoid any type of incident that could affect your business.

By contracting our Maintenance Service you will obtain great benefits:

  • We will put at your disposal numerous discounts on spare parts for your CNC lathe or conventional lathe.
  • You will have preference in terms of our free technical advice provided by Pinacho’s technical team, so we can solve your doubts faster.
  • In the event of a machine downtime, we will provide you with a priority response so that the pace of work of your business is not affected.

Do you want to be part of our SAT?

Since our beginnings in 1947, we have worked to provide the best lathe for each of our customers’ needs, with over 200,000 lathes worldwide. These lathes require maintenance and repairs that can only be performed by Pinacho certified professionals.

Join our Official Technical Service team now and expand your client portfolio with Pinacho.